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      The next installment in the hugely successful and expansive Conjuring universe will focus on the demonic nun that was first seen in The Conjuring 2, and egg-dropped in Annabelle: Creation.

      Produced by horror master James Wan and starring Taissa Farmiga (the real-life sister to Vera Farmiga, who plays Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring films), the plot is centered on a priest named Father Burke (Demián Bichir), and a novitiate, Sister Irene (Farmiga), who are sent to Rome to investigate the mysterious death of a nun at a cloistered abbey.

      As they uncover unholy secrets, the two confront the demonic nun and the malevolent presence at the abbey.

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      I'd say that there's a fair amount more that just some quasi-spiritual reasons to have difficulty absolutely accepting just the naturalistic explanations of neuroscience. First off, the science isn't all there: the physiology of thoughts, which, I hope is something we might discover more and more about in the next few decades, isn't all fleshed out, to my knowledge.
      Plus, there's probably some hold-outs for people--like myself--who have reservations including our own thoughts into the series of determined, causal reactions of matter and energy that first began at the big bang. Or, if determinism isn't your thing--my thoughts would still have to fit under the logical purvey of probabilistic changes according to quantum mechanics. Blah blah.
      We do indeed like to think we're special, though. Probably some evolutionary trait. And it just feels better that way, man.

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      Thanks for the contributions and suggestion.
      I'm currently working on the forum logo and I guess favicon would not blend well without a Logo design.
      By the way I'm open to logo's Idea.
      Hit me up if you got something to share.

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      She probably knew. She knows kids are gonna screw around and throw stuff everywhere and etc. She probably realized it was an accident, that you deserved no blame for it at all, and tried to make the best outcome for you and your sanity.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. This has been added.

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    • Why do you owe it to your father to do something for him that he does not want done? That seems more like betrayal. If the guys father was trying to get that information out and died (for whatever reason) in the process, with his name besmirched, then maybe you would owe it to him to finish his work.

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      Quote: _suis_un_negre wrote in post #1
      How can I delete my post I don't see any way of doing that.

      Simply report the post and include a description of the issue.

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      My aunt runs a popular bakery, and she uses mix. She doesn't hide that either. Like you she doesn't follow the recipe on the box though. First off she just uses white vanilla mix and adds all the flavorings and the like her self. She uses high end coco. She adds more vanilla. She adds various extracts. She adds chocolate chips. She adds various colorings. She just uses the mix as a base. It saves a bunch of time and the cake comes out better.
      The big thing is learning what will throw the mix off. If you add something acidic like pineapple juice, you probably will need to balance that out with a little more baking powder. If you add something more alkaline you might need to add some creme of tartar.
      Her thought is there is absolutely nothing wrong with cake mix. Sometime read the ingredient list of a cake mix. There are a ton of stuff in them that you will have a very hard time getting yourself. While a few are preservatives to keep the mix shelf stable and you don't really need them in a cake, most are things like tenderizers and stuff to keep the cake moist.
      What I would recommend doing though is start ordering your cake mix from a distributor. You can have it delivered directly to your house. This way you do not have to worry about someone seeing what you are getting. Just make sure to check the expiration date on the boxes and compare them to what you get in the store. They should be newer. If they are older find a different distributor.
      Also if someone does catch on that you are using mix, tell them flat out that you use it as a base and do not follow the recipe. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

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